Brighton Place Board of Directors

Michael Rizzo - President
Jason Aronoff - Vice President
Bonnie Pritchard - Secretary
Jim Dolce - Treasurer

Angela Berti
Joan Bochiechio
Mark Brylinski
Barbara Donovan
Karen Haley
Michael Kasperek
Carol McGrath
Stacey Pritchard
Eugenia Smith
Tom Yager

Do Your Part at Brighton Place:

Become a Board Member or Committee Member

Brighton Place is truly a community endeavor. A small group of concerned citizens fought the political battle to save the Brighton Library. Their efforts resulted in the formation of a non-profit corporation. Officers have been chosen, and an occupancy agreement has been arranged with the Town of Tonawanda.

The Board of Directors for the reinvented Brighton Place has grown steadily during the past few months. However, in order for continuous growth and service to the community, Brighton Place is looking for more dedicated citizens to serve on its Board of Directors and various committees. Serving the Town of Tonawanda community is a great reward. Active board members attend monthly board meetings and serve on one committee. These committees include: finance, marketing, development, volunteer, education, technology, and facility. Particularly, Brighton Place is seeking residents with talent in the areas of marketing and development.

Those who are unable to serve as Board members but would still like to have direct input into the operations of Brighton Place can consider becoming a committee member. Brighton Place is always welcoming those who would like to share their time and talent on our committees.

Serving on the Board of Directors or a Brighton Place committee is rewarding as you work to increase the quality of life for your fellow residents. For more information please contact Brighton Place.